Are you kidding me?

One quick truth: Donald Trump and Jeffery Epstein

Hey undecided voters---your questions--"What are people getting out of voting for Biden? You know, like what is the thing that makes a person want to vote for him? He only seems to have a bunch of plans to do things about health care and CoVid and foreign interference and all that. But what is Biden really about, besides being against Trump? Hasn't Biden been in government for many decades and been unable to single-handedly fix all of the social ills that afflict the United States? Maybe a man like Donald who has done absolutely nothing positive, except to exacerbate conflict between the races by eliminating all funding for workshops about racial equality throughout the government, and who has widened the gap between the rich and poor, and who has secret mindless robotic chants to encourage his thug militia groups to poddytrain: "Proud Boys: Sit Down and Try to poop and you will get a Jolly Rancher".

This is a guy who could get the job done? If you think Biden hasn't been able to get it done in many decades of service, ask yourself whether you think he is willing to try and get it done now. Just because you haven't produces a hit single in the last 20 years, or just because you haven't written a brilliant novel in the last twenty years or just because you haven't started a genius business in the last twenty years or just because you haven't landed that perfect acting role in the last twenty years---does that mean, you absolutely never will? Is there virtue in trying to do something, over and over again? Or is Donald Trump right? That losing 2 billion dollars over the last 20 years is the only way to prove to the world that you are an incredible success?

Correct-Donald Trump is no politician; but having done jack in 4 years qualifies him to do jack for another 4 years? I mean, seriously. As Abraham Lincoln once said, "Like, is it enough to be against Satan? Shouldn't you have a clear agenda to run against Satan? How else do we know that Satan isn't the best choice? What a dilemma." This, Donald, is sarcasm.

Also, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Biden should have fixed racial discrimination by himself while he was in government for the last 20 years? Do you know anyone who has single-handedly fixed their car or their plumbing or their HVAC or their electrical system, let alone all of the social ills in America, over the last twenty years? Singlehandedly? NOBODY.

Dear undecided voters, if you are a believer that Biden hasn't done anything in 47 years, consider that Trump hasn't done anything in the 4 years as being President. Not only that, but he has actually cause very real harm to people in that time: including actively stoking racial division, increasing the gap between the poor and the wealthy, profiting from his position as president and green lighting the actual torture and several reported deaths of poor immigrants looking for asylum.

Trump is a businessman the way that Big Bird is an actual bird.


  1. I'm thinking that I, like many people, are invested in the crazy idea of not being killed by the president's disinterest in CoVid-19.

  2. Also, not psyched about being evicted because I'm not part of the amazing stock market. Like, I have no stocks or 401k. So the stock market is up? Could not care less.

  3. Not super psyched about having to fight crazy militias in the street with my bow and arrow.

  4. And the crybaby police officers who refuse to see a problem with the arrest rate, pull over rate, incarceration of people of color--can fuck right off. Seriously, you don't think there is a problem? That is concrete evidence of a problem.

  5. I fear and totally believe that this American experiment is ending. There is no way out of the grip of greed and narcissism and quest for power that DJT and his worse angels have installed in Washington along with the will to pursue it at any cost.

  6. Biden is part of a political system that has tried and succeeded and failed to correct every social wrong.

  7. Donald Trump is part of a system that uses his job as President to make money for himself and his family.

  8. You cannot persuade people who see Trump as the great American story. Who like the fact that he is a dude who is smashing and grabbing as much as he can. This is his number 1 virtue.

  9. Trump is definitely no politician, and being $400 million in debt with 15 failed businesses under his belt, he is definitely no business man. He is a circus ringleader. Please help stop Covid so I can get the hell out of the unthinkable hellfire that is about to reign down.

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