New Hampshire Votes

NEW HAMPSHIRE, listen up.

The number of people who are running for the Democratic Nomination in New Hampshire who are better than Trump: All of them.

The Democrats who can beat Trump,

1. Michael Bloomberg (Not on NH Ballot)

2. Amy Klobuchar

3. Andrew Yang.

That's it.

Time for a serious reality check.

Time to stop with 'the way it oughtta be' and focus on the way it is.

I don't agree with the stereotypes, the mis-characterizations, and the uninformed conclusions, but here they are--

Bernie loses because he's a socialist and Warren loses because she socialist-adjacent.

Pete loses because he's gay (many, many religions still think that this is a sin. Yes, I too used to think 'But Obama won'. But being black is not actually a sin in most religions while being gay--still is (see the evangelical vote).)

Biden-not a chance in hell. He's stumbling when absolutely no one is heckling him or calling him sleepy or asking why he thought the Iraq war was a dandy idea. He hasn't found a way to respond to all of the things, and he is 77 years old. Think of someone close to that age; do they want to start a brand new job that is one of the most taxing and exhausting and difficult jobs in the world?

Tom Steyer--one of the best philanthropist/hedge-managers that has ever lived. Not a political leader in any way.

Michael Bennet--never got traction because Biden was sucking up all of the oxygen in the moderate Democrat lane. Also, born in New Delhi India, but I can't imagine Trump making this into a problem of any kind.

Yang's philosophy--if you give people just a little bit of financial security, just $1000 a month, with that tiny bit of security, they start to change the way they think about what is and is not possible. He is looking to stimulate a change in the way many people view money and value--he's betting that a tiny adjustment will result in substantial change, and I think he's right.

Also, he has swagger and seems like he could take Trump down. Unfortunately, Trump is not planning to agree to participate in any debates at all. None. Zero. Because why would he?

Amy K is a strong, no nonsense fighter, with a mid-western sensibility and an intelligent worldview. Remember when we thought 'oh dear, she might be a nightmare to work for', and then Trump threw so many people under the bus that the bus couldn't make it over all of the bodies? Just kept backing up and taking a run at it until it had to be towed over the pile of bodies?

Bloomberg has the money.

Both Bernie and Warren are standing on principle--They say, 'Billionaires should not be able to buy their way into a nomination.' It's a good message. Except it is from 1996 when semi-principles mattered and a version of morality governed politics. I too wish principles and ethics still played a role, or had the ability to sway public opinion, but they absolutely don't. (See impeachment acquittal). A democrat wants to feel moral and take the high ground? Great, there are like 12 out of 120 million voters currently on the high ground. Have at them.

Being right, anymore, does not get the Democrat party squat. Less than squat. It makes democrats subjects/servants (but with morals!) to the king.

This is not Hollywood.

Good does not win out in the end because of the rules of some sort of natural law.

The present is dire.

This is not exaggeration.

So go ahead and vote for the person who you wish everyone would be enlightened enough to support, or vote for someone who can make it.

I've been a Warren fan for a long time. In the best world, she would be the best president. This is not the best world. She used to tell the people not to be scared, not to vote out of fear. It's a noble idea, this call to bravery and to our highest principles.

But guess what? Fear is real and deserves consideration. To ignore fear and embrace a delusion is no better than giving in to the tyranny. Consider the fear--because it is real.

I would add, don't vote out of a blindness to fear or from a desire to promote and support and idealistic version of the future. Nobody is going to give you credit for making 'the intellectually correct and principled correct vote'.

In this world there is zero to gain from losing with principle or losing with dignity. You get nothing for that.

Democrats need to vote to win. And that is all.

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