Respect for DonJon

The fact that someone could, without irony, suggest that Donald J Trump deserves more respect from the Democrats, proves that critical thinking in many human beings has been replaced by the desire to worship the Dear Leader without questioning a thing.

Like any other human being, Trump should expect to receive as much respect as he has shown to others, like all of the women he’s assaulted, all of the private citizens he’s attacked on Twitter, the kneeling NFL players, Europe, the victims of natural disasters, people of color, people seeking asylum, the American Democrats in the House who were told to go back where they came from, to all of the journalists trying to do their jobs, to the parents of the children who’ve been shot by the guns he refuses to regulate..and so on.

The fact that we are expected to agree that he’s doing a great job despite the fact that he has zero principles and even less of a moral compass and despite the fact that the booming economy means that half the work force needs to have 2 or 3 jobs and work 50-60 hours a week to survive is a testament to Trump’s ability to gaslight, to lie without consequence, and to emotionally manipulate people into beings who mindlessly cheerlead for a man who believes in nothing and will bring down our country once and for all.

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