Trump Will Fix Racism

Trump continues to demonstrate the character of an anti-leader.  Tweeting conspiracy theories, throwing tantrums, typing illiterate responses, presenting diseased thoughts, applauding delusional goals and pursuing desperate appetites. It’s difficult to express the hatred that I feel. The hopelessness. The impotence and futility. Like screaming into the emptiness of space....Hey, wait a minute. This anger? This interior rage that so many white people feel toward Donald Trump? What if black people have been feeling this rage every day for many many years?  Seriously, what if that pulse of fury that you feel when the president sinks lower and lower, insulting and corrupting any and every positive human value, what if that is like the pulse of fury that black people have had to try and deal with, suppress, ignore, or fight against, year after year? You know how exhausting Trump is? You know how you've felt weight on your chest or brain every day, waking up to the nightmare that is Donald Trump? Imagine if you felt like this every day for your entire life. Imagine how exhausted you would be. Donald Trump has exhausted and harmed many white people in the way that American society has exhausted and harmed black people. What if that?

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